Our Capuchin Missions

The Constitutions of the Capuchin friars N. 175 state:

1. Christ Jesus, God’s Good News, the first and greatest preacher of the Gospel, sent his apostles to preach the gospel to all nations and established His Church as the universal sacrament of salvation, which is therefore missionary by its very nature.

2. In the Church, a community of faith and love enlivened by the Holy Spirit on its pilgrim journey in time, all the baptised, and especially religious by virtue of their special consecration, are called to respond to the grace of evangelisation and to fulfil the Lord’s mandate.

3. Through divine inspiration, Saint Francis renewed the missionary spirit in his day by the example of his life and the force of his Rule.

4. His brotherhood, living in fraternity and itinerancy, added momentum to the Church’s missionary activity for the proclamation of the gospel and the coming of the Kingdom, which transforms the human person and creates a new world in justice and in peace.

5. Therefore our Order accepts as its own the responsibility of spreading the Gospel, which belongs to the whole Church. It values missionary work and undertakes it as one of its principal apostolic obligations as a contribution to the renewal and building up of the Body of Christ.

The work of the Capuchin Mission Office allows you also to collaborate with us in this apostolic

The Seraphic Mass Association was formed for this specific task.