Our Ministry to the Poor and Marginalised

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The Friars are engaged in a number of ministries to the poor and marginalised. Both the ministries themselves and the friars depend on donations from benefactors to help support their work. For more information on the various ministries refer to: Capuchin Outreach.

Donations to Ministry to the poor are tax deductible. If you want a Tax Deductible Gift Receipt (DGR) please ensure you have provided name and address for the issuing of the DGR or contact the provincial bursar Fr Greg Rowles directly at bursar@capuchinfriars.org.au or on (07) 9550-9197.

In Melbourne, the friars are involved in various ministries working with the needy, mostly based at the their church in South Melbourne. For more information about our ministries in Melbourne visit: Capuchin Friars Outreach on Facebook and Open House at Sts Peter & Paul's

In Sydney, the 'Friars' Van' distributes coffee and snacks in the inner city every Friday and Saturday night. This gives the friars and volunteers the opportunity to listen and speak to the people coming to the van.